Rare Pieces in the Eleuteri Collection


Magnificent Persian turquoise and diamond set, circa 1980s.

Dahlia brooch with diamonds and rubies.

Iconic Ludo bracelet in 18kt yellow gold with old mine cut diamonds and black enamel (on clasp), circa 1940s.

Brooch with rubies and blue and yellow sapphires, circa 1960s.


Important diamond and cabochon sapphire parure, circa 1970s.

Parure in 18kt yellow gold with brilliant cut diamonds and angel skin coral. Brooch can be worn as a necklace.

Diamond and emerald necklace, circa 1980s.

Bracelet in 18kt yellow gold with brilliant cut diamonds (13.5 cts), circa 1970s. Included in Twentieth Century Jewelry, by Electa.


Herriz Collection emerald and diamond parure, circa 1970.

Important natural Burmese cabochon ruby and diamond bracelet, circa 1955.

Multi-color necklace with diamonds and cabochon rubies, emeralds and blue sapphires, circa 1950.

Magnificent necklace suspending unusually shaped, hexagonal fancy honey colored diamond (17 cts).

Emerald and diamond drop necklace, circa 1960s.

Exceptional three strand natural pearl necklace and earrings, circa late 19th century.


Bracelet in platinum with mixed cut diamonds (20 cts) and center Colombian emerald (4.50 cts), circa 1935. France.

Diamond bracelet with fine Colombian emerald (42 cts), circa

George Fouquet bracelet with blue sapphires, jade, lapis and

Sautoir in platinum with natural pearls, diamonds and carved green tourmaline
depicting the Madonna and Child, circa 1920.

Flexible platinum and diamond
bracelet, circa 1920s.


Caillot & Peck collier necklace with
diamonds and natural pearls.
France, circa 19th century.

Constantin Roesler Franz micromosaic
necklace. Rome, circa 1850.

Snake necklace/belt in turquoise and diamonds,
of Austrian origin, circa late 19th

Pendant of aristocratic provenance with natural
Colombian emerald (87.50 cts) and old mine
cut diamonds, circa early 19th century,“bitten” by
Florentine pottery Medusa mask, circa 1870.

Castellani blackamoor brooch with
impeccable gold filigree work,
circa mid 19th century. Formerly part
of the Fontana Collection, perhaps the
greatest gathering of Castellani pieces,
auctioned in 1939.

Gown-holder, circa late 19th century. Formerly in the collection of King Farouk of Egypt.

Bracelet in 18kt yellow gold manufactured by the historic Roman house Castellani
in the early 19th century, presenting antique Roman bronze coins enclosed in an
exceptional 18kt yellow gold mounting.

Italian carved emerald and
diamond ring, circa mid 19th

Red coral bracelet manufactured in Naples at
the end of the 18th century.


Important earrings with 200 cts of mogul
emerald beads (Colombia), embellished with
old mine cut diamonds (30 cts).

Bracelet in platinum with cornucopia
of diamonds (app. 10 cts) and blue
sapphires (app. 120 cts).

Ring with Colombian emerald (17 cts),
with insignificant clarity enhancement.

Ring with natural, unheated Burmese
sapphire (17cts) and triangular cut

Three strand emerald necklace (800 cts, African)
with diamond beads and Art Deco white gold
and diamond clips. Fluted shape emerald and diamond
tassels bracelet, circa 1925.

Eleuteri acquired the Torlonia Emerald,
a 415 carat old mine cut Colombian
emerald, carved with a heart shaped motif
in India in the mid-nineteenth
century (and subsequently owned by an
esteemed Maharajah) before
passing to the Torlonia family just after

Twenty-seven barrel shaped, fluted emeralds
(nearly 500 carats) – all which originally belonged
to an Indian Moghul ruler, dating back to
the 18th century.

Large Art Deco cabochon emerald (300 cts) and diamond bracelet.


Russian silver and crystal set in original
box, circa 19th century.

Bulgari Tea for Two set, in solid
18kt gold, circa 1969.

Silver tray depicting The Battle At The
Milvian Bridge (Ponte Milvio), which took
place on the 28th of October 312 between
the Roman Emperors Constantine I and Maxentius.
Made in Italy, circa 1870.

Cartier luxurious travel
set in gold and silver,
circa 1940s.

Early 20th century diamond brooches assembled to form a stomacher.
An Eleuteri invention.